Ottawa has a 31-bed palliative care unit (PCU) and two residential adult hospices (total 19 beds). In 2013, we initiated a project to improve the referral and triage processes to these beds. Previously, there were two separate paper-based systems with duplication, inefficiencies, delays and inappropriate patient placements. The multipronged approach included clarifying the respective roles of the PCU and hospices, creating a single referral and triage office and developing an e-platform. We leveraged technology that was available in the public-funded system. This paper describes the development processes, lessons learned, and the final system, referred to as System to Manage Access, Referrals and Triage (SMART).
Healthcare quarterly (Toronto, Ont.)
School of Social Work

Pereira, J. (José), Greene, K. (Kathy), Sullivan, L. (Lisa), Zinkie Mendis, S. (Samantha), Rutkowski, N. (Nicole), Lawlor, P. (Peter), & Grassau, P. (2018). A Technology-Enabled Solution to Manage Referrals to Hospice and Palliative Care Beds: The Ottawa SMART System as a Case Study. Healthcare quarterly (Toronto, Ont.), 20(4), 63–67. doi:10.12927/hcq.2018.25420