Taking on responsibilities in research data management (RDM) has proven to be a significant challenge as libraries have adopted new roles within higher education institutions. A qualitative review using the meta-ethnographic approach was conducted that examined the experiences of academic libraries and provided clarity on contextual influences associated with achievements, as well as illuminating the reasons for deficiencies. Libraries experienced uncertainty around roles and relationships related to RDM yet were recognized positively as a neutral, centralized space within academic institutions. This perception, combined with the current approach of fostering partnerships and collaborations, may prove to be useful for libraries as they strategically consider how best to provide continued support and services in RDM. Understanding the perspectives of academic libraries on how they respond and support the demands related to RDM offers a fuller, more robust insight that is essential for planning and decision-making.

Library and Information Science Research
MacOdrum Library

Perrier, L. (Laure), Blondal, E. (Erik), & MacDonald, H. (2018). Exploring the experiences of academic libraries with research data management: A meta-ethnographic analysis of qualitative studies 1. Library and Information Science Research. doi:10.1016/j.lisr.2018.08.002