The finite element method (FEM) is developed to analyse 2-D crack problems in piezoelectric solids that exhibit the size-effect. This phenomenon, which typically occurs in micro/nano electronic structures, is described by the strain- and electric field-gradients in the constitutive equations. The variational principle with the appropriate boundary conditions is employed to derive the governing equations, from which the FEM formulation with C1-continuous elements is developed and implemented. An example is presented to demonstrate the effects of the strain- and electric intensity-gradients on the electro-mechanical behavior of the cracked solid.

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Keywords 2D crack problems, Converse flexoelectricity, Direct, Electric intensity vector gradient, Strain
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Series Key Engineering Materials
Sladek, J. (Jan), Sladek, V. (Vladimir), Wünsche, M. (Michael), & Tan, C. (2018). Flexoelectric effect for cracks in piezoelectric solids. In Key Engineering Materials. doi:10.4028/