Canadian university students (N = 461; aged between 17 and 22) were tested between 1993 and 2005 on a timed multi-digit arithmetic test. This test is closely related to the speed with which people can retrieve answers to arithmetic facts from memory. Scores declined by over 20% in this time period. These findings are discussed in relation to the changes in mathematics curricula that have taken place in North America over the past 20 years.

arithmetic problems, accuracy, arithmetic fluency, Canadian university students, math curriculum, problem solving
Department of Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science Technical Report Series
Department of Psychology

LeFevre, J.-A, Penner-Wilger, Marcie, Pyke, Aryn A., Shanahan, Tina, & Deslauriers, Wendy Ann. (2014). Putting Two and Two Together: Declines in Arithmetic Fluency among Young Canadian Adults, 1993 to 2005. Technical Report 2014-01. Cognitive Science Technical Report Series. Department of Cognitive Science.