In this report, the focus will be on the generation and use of taxonomies for knowledge representation and discovery in organizations. A model for the taxonomic organization, and subsequent use and manipulations, of compound terms is presented. More specifically, the presented model envisions the organization of compound terms into multiple taxonomies which can be dynamically related in various ways based on the context of usage. We will be referring to the set of interrelated taxonomies as facetted taxonomies, following the traditional usage of this term, with the nuance that the set is not static and is dynamically adapting to the usage context.

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Keywords organizations, Business Intelligence, taxonomies, knowledge representation, information management
Publisher Department of Cognitive Science
Series Cognitive Science Technical Report Series
Tajarobi, Arman. (2010). A Model for Information Representation and Retrieval in Large Organizations. Technical Report 2010-03. Cognitive Science Technical Report Series. Department of Cognitive Science.