This study examined the effectiveness of standard genetic algorithms in resolving a 20 city travelling salesperson scenario. The results of standard algorithms were compared to that of competitive/co-operative sexual selection for genetic algorithms developed by Sanchez-Velazco and Bullinaria (2003). A range of parameters was used with both the standard and genetic algorithms to determine the validity of their conclusion that sexual selection is a superior evolutionary approach. This study suggests that gendered reproduction may be useful in some, but not all, contexts.

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Keywords genetic algorithms, standard algorithms, sexual selection, asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction, J. Sanchez-Velazco, J. A. Bullinaria
Publisher Department of Cognitive Science
Series Cognitive Science Technical Report Series
Deslauriers, Wendy Ann. (2006). Asexual Versus Sexual Reproduction in Genetic Algorithms. Technical Report 2006-09. Cognitive Science Technical Report Series. Department of Cognitive Science.