Before attempting to answer the primary question, a survey of the diagnostic challenges regarding autism is presented. This first section forms a context within which autism research should be viewed. Second, the research question is examined by beginning with the identification of language deficits (perceived and real) faced by individuals with autism. Third, the intriguing patterns of autistic language development are explored, followed by a fourth section on language testing and a fifth discussing unique individuals with autism. The sixth section examines brain structures related to autism and is followed by a seventh section on the genetic story of autism. Finally, the paper wraps up by examining theories associated with autism.

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Keywords language impairment, autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, diagnosis, testing, genetics, brain structure
Publisher Department of Cognitive Science
Series Cognitive Science Technical Report Series
Deslauriers, Wendy Ann. (2006). Language Impairment in Autism. Technical Report 2006-07. Cognitive Science Technical Report Series. Department of Cognitive Science.