Sponsored by NASIG's Publications Committee, Getting Published brought together those who publish in or edit journals actively, those who need to publish to meet promotion or tenure requirements, as well as those who simply have a strong desire to write about the serials profession. The speakers represented one of two sides of the publishing process-editing and writing. The editors spoke about the publishing process of refereed journals-how editors manage the work of creating a journal, the peer-review process, and key indicators that editors look for in a submission or proposal. The speakers who focused on writing discussed brainstorming for ideas to develop into articles, fitting the writing life into one's work life, and gradually building writing skills and experience.

Serials Librarian
MacOdrum Library

Brown, L. (Ladd), Hepfer, C. (Cindy), Bullington, J. (Jeff), Jones, W, & Waltner, R.M. (Robb M.). (2002). Getting published: Surviving in a "write stuff or they will fire you" environment. In Serials Librarian (Vol. 42, pp. 13–18). doi:10.1300/J123v42n01_03