Although the Canadian Corps was one of the finest fighting formations on the Western Front during the First World War and earned a reputation as the shock troops of the British Expeditionary Force, the Corps had an active propaganda campaign that publicized Canadian uniqueness throughout the war. The organization behind this promotion was the Canadian War Records Office, headed by Sir Max Aitken, who nurtured a relentless campaign extolling the heroic deeds of Canadians in France. With an eye on the future, Aitken ensured that the image constructed of the Canadian soldier was not only based in battlefield accomplishments but also articulated through the legacy of war records and a barrage of media productions.
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Tim, T. (2003). Documenting war and forging reputations: Sir Max Aitken and the Canadian war records office in the First World War. War in History, 10(3), 265–295. doi:10.1191/0968344503wh271oa