One of the major legal instruments the US Department of Defense (DoD) will be relying on in terms of planning and carrying out its activities in the near future is a new law of war military manual which is expected to be published sometime in 2011. While on the surface such a document may not seem of critical interest to those interested in security/strategic studies or to humanitarian activists seeking to ban rather than regulate violence, there are important reasons to place a certain amount of emphasis on this DoD product and to expect that it will have a significant impact, especially on issues that are presently widely debated within the humanitarian legal community.
Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law

Carvin, S.J. (2010). The US Department of Defense Law of War Manual: An Update. Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, 13, 353–363. doi:10.1007/978-90-6704-811-8_12