One of Super's most important contributions has been in explicating those developmental tasks that involve planning, exploring, and deciding, processes known collectively as readiness for career choices. The authors review existing means of conceptualizing and operationalizing the various aspects of readiness, as well as innovative practice applications that have emerged from this work. Next, selected elaborations and extensions of the readiness construct are described. Finally, future directions for theory and research on readiness are presented with a particular emphasis on the promise of considering contextual issues, motivational factors, and an expanded measurement perspective in subsequent inquiry and practice. 1994 National Career Development Association
The Career Development Quarterly
School of Public Policy and Administration

Phillips, S.D, & Blustein, D.L. (David L.). (1994). Readiness for Career Choices: Planning, Exploring, and Deciding. The Career Development Quarterly, 43(1), 63–73. doi:10.1002/j.2161-0045.1994.tb00847.x