Foucault’s shift from an analytical focus on discipline to governmentality saw the theme of visibility move into the background of his attention. In this article we ask how the debates about governmentality and visibility can be brought into a mutually productive relationship. Building on recent arguments for greater rigour in conceptualising visibility, we proceed to examine what visibility means and does in the context of migration control in Europe. Focusing on the EU’s recently deployed programme of border surveillance, EUROSUR, we elaborate how multiple forms of visibility are at play. We conclude that the politics of visibility is an important theme for future studies in the governance of migration.
Global Society
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Tazzioli, M. (Martina), & Walters, W. (2016). The sight of migration: Governmentality, Visibility and Europe’s contested borders. Global Society, 30(3), 445–464. doi:10.1080/13600826.2016.1173018