Theories of political socialization contain competing expectations about immigrants' potential for political resocialization. Premigration beliefs and actions may be resistant to change, exposure to the new political system may facilitate adaptation, or immigrants may find ways to transfer beliefs and behaviors from one political system to another. This analysis empirically tests these three alternative theories of resocialization. The results indicate that both transfer and exposure matter; there is little evidence that premigration beliefs and actions are resistant to change. Moreover, how immigrants adapt depends on which orientation or behavior is being considered and on what kind of political environments migrants come from.

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Political Research Quarterly

White, S.E, Nevitte, N. (Neil), Blais, A. (André), Gidengil, E. (Elisabeth), & Fournier, P. (Patrick). (2008). The political resocialization of immigrants: Resistance or lifelong learning?. Political Research Quarterly, 61(2), 268–281. doi:10.1177/1065912908314713