Chemical equation presented Acyclic diastereoselection is achieved for the formation of thioaminyl acetals. The highly intramolecular stereocontrolled SN2 displacement of the thioaminyls allows for the formation of cyclic nucleoside derivatives. This versatile approach may provide easy access to a large variety of N-glycosides.
Organic Letters

Guindon, Y. (Yvan), Gagnon, M.A, Thumin, I. (Isabelle), Chapdelaine, D. (Daniel), Jung, G. (Grace), & Guérin, B. (Brigitte). (2002). Synthesis of N-glycosides. An alternative approach based on diastereoselective base coupling and SN2 cyclization. Organic Letters, 4(2), 241–244. doi:10.1021/ol016991i