This paper examines the findings of a study we completed into progressive social work education in Canadian schools of social work. In our research, we found that schools of social work offer three key functions for the university: a connection to the community, a space that values diversity and a space of innovation. We investigate these themes in relation to the dynamics of performativity and fabrication. From conversations with those who participated in our research, it is clear that schools of social work play a key role in the university in terms of constructing a particular institutional image - a fabricated image. We articulate some key aspects of performance that are drawn upon in fabricating contemporary Canadian universities and the ways in which social work is positioned to enhance this fabrication. In the conclusion, we reflect upon what these findings and analysis mean for social work education.

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British Journal of Social Work
School of Social Work

Todd, S, Barnoff, L. (Lisa), Moffatt, K. (Ken), Panitch, M. (Melanie), Parada, H. (Henry), Mucina, M. (Mandeep), & Williams, D. (Duane). (2015). Performativity culture in universities: Social work fabrications. British Journal of Social Work, 45(2), 511–526. doi:10.1093/bjsw/bct139