There are striking similarities between the US and Canadian systems of journalism education. These include: the pattern of historical development; curricular emphasis; relations with professional colleagues; and future challenges. However, the paper also traces significant differences, among which are: the relatively stronger role of government in Canada; that country's greater emphasis on non-university education; greater curricular differentiation in US programs; the type of academic unit within which journalism study is located; and the absence of a national accreditation system in Canada. The paper attempts to explain why these similarities and differences have emerged.

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Journalism Studies
School of Journalism and Communication

Johansen, P. (Peter), Weaver, D.H. (David H.), & Dornan, C. (2001). Journalism Education in the United States and Canada: Not merely clones. Journalism Studies, 2(4), 469–483. doi:10.1080/14616700127058