There are striking similarities between the US and Canadian systems of journalism education. These include: the pattern of historical development; curricular emphasis; relations with professional colleagues; and future challenges. However, the paper also traces significant differences, among which are: the relatively stronger role of government in Canada; that country's greater emphasis on non-university education; greater curricular differentiation in US programs; the type of academic unit within which journalism study is located; and the absence of a national accreditation system in Canada. The paper attempts to explain why these similarities and differences have emerged.

Canadian Media, Journalism Education, Journalism Training, Professionalism, Us Media
Journalism Studies
School of Journalism and Communication

Johansen, P. (Peter), Weaver, D.H. (David H.), & Dornan, C. (2001). Journalism Education in the United States and Canada: Not merely clones. Journalism Studies, 2(4), 469–483. doi:10.1080/14616700127058