In this first collection on the history of the body in Canada, an interdisciplinary group of scholars explores the multiple ways the body has served as a site of contestation in Canadian history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Content includes: Introduction: Contesting bodies, nation, and Canadian history / Jane Nicholas and Patrizia Gentile -- Epiphany in the archives / Kathryn Harvey -- Following the North Star: Black Canadians, IQ testing, and biopolitics in the work of H.A. Tanser, 1939-2008 / Barrington Walker -- Embodying nation : indigenous sports in Montreal, 1860-1885 / Gillian Poulter -- The Boer War, masculinity, and citizenship in Canada, 1899-1902 / Amy Shaw -- Packing and unpacking : Northern women negotiate fashion in colonial encounters during the twentieth century / Myra Rutherdale -- The domesticated body and the industrialized imitation fur coat in Canada, 1919-1939 / George Colpitts -- An excess of prudery? Lilias Torrance Newton's Nude and the censorship of interwar Canadian painting / Pandora Syperek -- The National Ballet of Canada's normative bodies : legitimizing and popularizing dance in Canada during the 1950s / Allana C. Lindgren -- Gender, spirits, and beer : representing female and male bodies in Canadian alcohol ads, 1930s-1970s / Cheryl Krasnick Warsh and Greg Marquis -- Nudity as embodied citizenship and spectacle : pageants at Canada's nudist clubs, 1949-1975 / Mary-Ann Shantz -- Modelling the U.N.'s mission in semi-formal wear : Edmonton's Miss United Nations pageants of the 1960s / Tarah Brookfield -- Obesity in children : a medical perception, 1920-1980 / Wendy Mitchinson -- Public body, private health : Mediscope, the transparent woman, and medical authority, 1959 / Valerie Minnett -- Trans/forming the citizen body in wartime : national and local public discourse on women's bodies and "body work" for women during the Second World War / Helen Smith and Pamela Wakewich -- "Flesh, bone, and blood" : working-class bodies and the Canadian Communist press, 1922-1956 / Anne Frances Toews -- "Better teachers, biologically speaking" : the authority of the "marrying-kind" of teacher in schools, 1945-1960 / Kristina R. Llewellyn -- Contesting a Canadian icon : female police bodies and the challenge to the masculine foundations of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the 1970s / Bonnie Reilly Schmidt.

University of Toronto Press
Studies in gender and history
Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies

Gentile, P, & Nicholas, Jane. (2014). Contesting bodies and nation in Canadian history. Studies in gender and history. University of Toronto Press.

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