This paper investigates the impact of within-country religious diversity on the performance of private participation infrastructure projects. Our analysis of 8139 projects in 33 countries (1990–2014) shows that higher levels of within-country religious diversity are associated with a higher risk of project failure. This negative effect is exacerbated in greenfield projects and when a project's main sponsor is a foreign firm. In contrast, we find no moderation effect for local government ownership. The study contributes to the ongoing debate regarding the effects of within-country diversity on foreign business ventures.

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Keywords Multinational enterprise, Private participation infrastructure project, Within-country religious diversity
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Journal Journal of Business Research
Jiménez, A. (Alfredo), Jiang, G. F, Petersen, B. (Bent), & Gammelgaard, J. (Jens). (2019). Within-country religious diversity and the performance of private participation infrastructure projects. Journal of Business Research, 95, 13–25. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.08.027