The sight of a customer racing to the bank to beat a 3:00pm closing is becoming much rarer among Canadian bank customers. At the same time, variations on the comment “I have to stop by a machine (automated teller machine — ATM) on my way out to dinner tonight” are heard ever more frequently. A major transition has occurred in financial services consumption during the past 20 years. Canadian banks have introduced ATM technology and many consumers have embraced it readily. This type of technological revolution and increased emphasis on convenience has occurred not only in banking but also in many other types of retail shopping such as food and grocery retailing and the establishment of in-home electronic shopping systems that offer a wide assortment of merchandise including large and small appliances, automotive supplies and other durable and non-durable items.
International Journal of Bank Marketing
Sprott School of Business

Marshall, J.J. (Judith J.), & Heslop, L.A. (1988). Technology Acceptance in Canadian Retail Banking: A Study of Consumer Motivations and Use of ATMs. International Journal of Bank Marketing (Vol. 6, pp. 31–41). doi:10.1108/eb010836