The FDTD modeling approach is applied to study the implementation of the optical immersion technique for the visualization of single and multiple gold nanoparticles in biological cells. To the best knowledge of authors, this is the first research study discussing the gold nanoparticle effects on the forward scattered light from biological cells at refractive index matching conditions. The applicability and the potential of the FDTD approach for studying gold nanoparticles enhanced bio-imaging at optical immersion is demonstrated. A graph is Presented.

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Laser Physics Letters
Sprott School of Business

Tanev, S, Tuchin, V.V. (V. V.), & Paddon, P. (P.). (2006). Light scattering effects of gold nanoparticles in cells: FDTD modeling. Laser Physics Letters, 3(12), 594–598. doi:10.1002/lapl.200610052