The long term creep properties at 207 MPa and 760°C of TiAl + W + Si with a fully lamellar microstructure and either polycrystalline grains or a columnar grain structure are compared. The results indicate that the columnar grain structure reduces the primary creep strain and delays the onset of tertiary creep, with only 1.2% creep strain after 10,000 h.

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Keywords Bridgman technique, Creep, Directional solidification, Titanium aluminides
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Journal Scripta Materialia
Beddoes, J., Seo, D.Y., & Saari, H. (2005). Long term creep of TiAl + W + Si with polycrystalline and columnar grain structures. Scripta Materialia, 52(8), 745–750. doi:10.1016/j.scriptamat.2004.12.016