Clinical decision-making is complex and uncertain and is dependent on accurate and timely information that is typically managed through Information Technology (IT) solutions. One particular class of IT that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the medical community is Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). This paper will discuss results of the use of a CDSS that was developed for assisting triage decision making of pediatric abdominal pain in the Emergency department. We show how different user groups (staff physicians and residents) use the CDSS input variables in their triage decision making models.

12th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2006
Sprott School of Business

Farion, K.J. (Ken J.), Hine, M.J, Michalowski, W. (Wojtek), & Wilk, S. (Szymon). (2006). Decision making by emergency room physicians and residents: Results from a clinical trial. In Association for Information Systems - 12th Americas Conference On Information Systems, AMCIS 2006 (pp. 2728–2736).