A comprehensive inventory of Canadian research on exporting and international marketing during 1980-1995 was developed based on a content analysis of 44 sources and a survey of Canadian academics. The main aim was to assess this literature and facilitate the identification of Canadian resources for research and education. A total of 1,207 diverse publications, including 283 articles in 109 journals, was identified and analyzed by year, type, theme, language, and major contributors. Key challenges include the overall decline in publications since 1990; the concentration of output among a small number of researchers; and the relative lack of studies on the marketing mix, export research in disciplines other than marketing and management, and teaching resources such as cases. Future research directions are discussed.

Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
Sprott School of Business

Papadopoulos, N, & Rosson, P. (Philip). (1999). Inventory and analysis of Canadian research and scholarship in exporting and international marketing. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 16(2), 77–94.