To gain and sustain competitive advantages in the rival-driven online banking market, it is thus crucial for online banks to understand in-depth what customers perceive to be the key dimensions of service quality and what impacts the identified dimensions have on the customers' satisfaction. The statistical analyses of 113 survey responses revealed some important findings. First, the study identified a total of four key online banking service quality dimensions: courtesy, attentiveness/attractiveness, reliable/prompt service, content. Next, of the identified dimensions, two dimensions, such as courtesy and attentiveness/attractiveness, showed statistically significant and positive impacts on customers' satisfaction. Important managerial implications and recommendations are also presented.

Decision Sciences Institute 2002 Proceedings
Sprott School of Business

Jun, M. (Minjoon), Cai, S, & Kim, D. (DaeSoo). (2002). The Linkages of Online Banking Service Quality Dimensions to Customer Satisfaction. In Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute (pp. 2125–2130).