A nationally representative sample of Canadian men and women was used to study consumer perceptions of product quality in relation to coutry-of-origin. Differences were found in how men and women viewed countries as producers. In forming these views men appear to use a country’s technological development and political orientation to form opinions of the overall quality of the products produced by a country. Women, on the other hand, appear to use a different set of criteria, such as georgraphic proximity and specific products such as clothing and footwear, to position countries on a quality continuum.

Journal of International Consumer Marketing
Sprott School of Business

Wall, M. (Marjorie), Heslop, L.A, & Hofstra, G. (Greta). (1988). Male and female viewpoints of countries as producers of consumer goods. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 1(1), 1–26. doi:10.1300/J046v01n01_01