This empirical study attempts to develop a framework to assist managers in deciding whether to abandon an ongoing research and development (R&D)/innovation project at various stages of R&D. The monitoring framework is based upon the models developed through multiple logistic regression analysis on a data set of 60 successful and unsuccessful projects. The technique determines those factors which discriminate between success and failure of a project. The major advantage of the proposed framework is that it provides a single indicator which can be used to monitor the success of an ongoing project at various stages over its life span. The indicator incorporates the combined effect of all the factors and avoids the problem of setting thresholds for individual factors or success indicators.

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IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Sprott School of Business

Kumar, V, Persaud, A.N.S. (Aditha N. S.), & Kumar, U. (1996). To terminate or not an ongoing r&d project: a managerial dilemma. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 43(3), 273–284. doi:10.1109/17.511838