Since the mid-1980s, multinational corporations have been internationalizing their R&D operations in order to tap into the scientific and technological knowledge bases of other countries. This study investigated the knowledge management mechanisms used to leverage knowledge from the global R&D network. We found that the effectiveness of the knowledge creation and diffusion process is inextricably linked to the media used to capture knowledge. Tacit knowledge is best captured by personal interactions, explicit knowledge is best captured using technologically supported media, and the externalization and internalization of knowledge are best achieved through informal communities of practices.
EMJ - Engineering Management Journal
Sprott School of Business

Persaud, A. (Ajax), Kumar, U, & Kumar, V. (2001). Harnessing scientific and technological knowledge for the rapid deployment of global innovations. EMJ - Engineering Management Journal, 13(1), 12–18. doi:10.1080/10429247.2001.11415100