The study investigates critical management issues in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation projects such as selection of ERP vendor, project manager, and implementation partners; constitution of project team; project planning, training, infrastructure development, on-going project management; quality assurance and stabilization of ERP. The innovation process study approach is taken and data is collected from 20 organizations using a questionnaire and structured interviews. Although each adopting organization has a distinct set of objectives for its systems project, we found many similarities in motivations, concerns, and strategies across organizations. This study identifies many critical concerns in ERP project management.

ERP implementation, Process theory approach, Technology innovation
Sprott School of Business

Kumar, V, Maheshwari, B. (Bharat), & Kumar, U. (2003). An investigation of critical management issues in ERP implementation: Emperical evidence from Canadian organizations. Technovation, 23(10), 793–807. doi:10.1016/S0166-4972(02)00015-9