A primary issue in the field of business and society over the past 25 years has been the relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance. Recently, Griffin and Mahon (1997) presented a table categorizing studies that have investigated this relationship. Motivated by concerns with this table, as well as a desire to account for progress in research in this area, the authors reconstructed it. The authors present a portrait of this relationship that is (a) substantially different from that shown in the Griffin and Mahon table and (b) more consistent with the latest research on the topic.

Business and Society
Sprott School of Business

Roman, R.M. (Ronald M.), Hayibor, S, & Agle, B.R. (Bradley R.). (1999). The relationship between social and financial performance: Repainting a portrait. Business and Society (Vol. 38, pp. 109–125). doi:10.1177/000765039903800105