Increasing numbers of organizations have set up material on their Web portals as a way of providing users with information about their products or services. This study developed and validated an instrument to measure user perceived service quality of such portals. Based upon conceptual models in the areas of IS and technology adoption, and using responses from 1992 users, we validated a five-dimension service quality instrument involving: usability, usefulness of content, adequacy of information, accessibility, and interaction. This scale provides a useful instrument for researchers who wish to measure the service quality of Web portals and for portal managers who want to improve their service performance.

Electronic commerce, Information presenting Web portal, Scale development, Web portal service quality, Web site design, Web site quality
Information and Management
Sprott School of Business

Yang, Z. (Zhilin), Cai, S, Zhou, Z. (Zheng), & Zhou, N. (Nan). (2005). Development and validation of an instrument to measure user perceived service quality of information presenting Web portals. Information and Management (Vol. 42, pp. 575–589). doi:10.1016/S0378-7206(04)00073-4