Many manufacturing firms must overcome obstacles to TQM implementation. The purpose of this paper is empirically to investigate barriers that firms in the maquiladora industry experience, based on 25 potential obstacles to TQM success, and to compare findings with prior research done with US firms. The findings of this study suggest that a prevalent TQM barrier in the maquiladora industry is high employee turnover. Obstacles to TQM implementation that are common to both maquiladoras and US firms include lack of employee training, failure to tie management's compensation to achieving quality goals, and employee resistance to change. Managerial implications of these obstacles are discussed.

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Total Quality Management and Business Excellence
Sprott School of Business

Jun, M. (Minjoon), Cai, S, & Peterson, R.T. (Robin T.). (2004). Obstacles to TQM Implementation in Mexico's Maquiladora Industry. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence (Vol. 15, pp. 59–72). doi:10.1080/1478336032000149108