The authors, faculty members in the new Graduate School of Education at the High Tech High schools in San Diego, discuss three trends that are reshaping our world and the ways we get work done. They then discuss the implications of these trends, both for how we educate our young and how we train and develop our teachers. Positing a reciprocal relationship between teacher education and school reform, the authors insist that if teacher education is to play a role in changing schools, it must itself change.To that end, they propose an approach to teacher training and professional development situated entirely in K-12 schools. They outline design principles for such an approach, illustrated with examples from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

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Journal of Teacher Education
Sprott School of Business

Caillier, S.L. (Stacey L.), & Riordan, R. (2009). Teacher education for the schools we need. Journal of Teacher Education, 60(5), 489–496. doi:10.1177/0022487109348596