The purpose of this study is to explore factors affecting individuals' usage of Mobile Securities Management System (MSMS). On the basis of an extensive review of literature in Task Technology Fit (TTF) theory and Mobile Commerce (MC) adoption, a revised TTF model is proposed and tested using data collected from an online survey of 440 respondents. The results show that: the fit between task and technology positively affects MSMS usage, while alternative systems play a negative role; functions of MSMS, self-efficacy and experience are important factors affecting the fit; MSMS adopting does not heavily depend on the macro-environment of the stock market. Implications for improving other types of MC applications adoption are discussed. Copyright

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Keywords MC, Mobile commerce, Mobile communication, Mobile securities management system, MSMS, Task-technology fit, Technology adoption, TTF
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Journal International Journal of Mobile Communications
Liu, Z. (Zhenhua), Min, Q. (Qingfei), & Ji, S. (2010). An empirical study of mobile securities management systems adoption: A task-technology fit perspective. International Journal of Mobile Communications, 8(2), 230–243. doi:10.1504/IJMC.2010.031449