The purpose of this study is to review the research activities in information systems (IS) in the mainland of China. We reviewed and analyzed a total of 859 research papers in information systems published in 18 leading academic journals in business and management in the mainland from 1999 to 2005. Applying the content analysis method, we first categorized the papers by their reference disciplines, research topics, research methods, and the units of analysis. The data were then compared with the results of similar Western studies. Results show that, among the published IS research papers in the mainland of China, IS research itself represents the primary theoretical reference discipline; organizational and system/software issues are the main topics of the focus; non-empirical studies were the dominant research method; and the majority of studies were conducted at the organizational and/or system level. Compared with the West, IS research in China demonstrates its own characteristics in theoretical foundations, research focuses, and research methods, and there are a number of areas that need to be improved.

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Frontiers of Business Research in China
Sprott School of Business

Ji, S, Min, Q. (Qingfei), & Han, W. (Weihe). (2007). Research in information systems in China (1999-2005) and international comparisons. Frontiers of Business Research in China (Vol. 1, pp. 19–38). doi:10.1007/s11782-007-0002-3