This study investigates the effects of cooperative norms on supplier performance. We maintain that cooperative norms affect supplier performance by establishing two types of structural mechanisms of the buyer-supplier relationship, such as operational and informational linkages. This study uses structural equation modeling to analyze data collected from 278 Chinese companies. The analysis reveals that (1) cooperative norms directly and positively influence both operational linkages and informational linkages, but the norms have no significant and direct impact on supplier performance; and (2) operational linkages have a significant and positive impact on both information linkages and supplier performance. In addition, a post-hoc analysis indicates that informational linkages have a positive moderating effect on the relationship between operational linkages and supplier performance, but do not directly affect supplier performance.

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Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
Sprott School of Business

Cai, S, Yang, Z. (Zhilin), & Jun, M. (Minjoon). (2011). Cooperative norms, structural mechanisms, and supplier performance: Empirical evidence from Chinese manufacturers. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 17(1), 1–10. doi:10.1016/j.pursup.2009.12.006