The objective of this current study is to identify the critical factors that contribute to the intention by citizens of developing countries to adopt an EG system. In this research, we explore literature from marketing, sociology, e-commerce, EG, organisational behaviour, information technology, public administration, technology transfer and technology innovation. We also conduct an empirical study among the citizens of Bangladesh, a developing country. This research identifies the plausible critical factors of adoption of EG by citizens of developing countries and develops an EG adoption-citizen intention model for citizens of developing countries. Copyright

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Electronic Government
Sprott School of Business

Shareef, M.A. (Mahmud Akhter), Kumar, U, Kumar, V, & Dwivedi, Y.K. (Yogesh K.). (2009). Identifying critical factors for adoption of e-government. Electronic Government, 6(1), 70–96. doi:10.1504/EG.2009.022594