Notification is one of the major tasks for emergency responses. A timely and appropriate notification can save lives and significantly reduce damages. The importance of notification in emergency has been widely acknowledged. It is, however, challenging to make a quick and right decision on notification. In this paper, we propose a decision analysis framework for emergency notification with the 'six W Dimensions' (6WDs), namely 'when, where, who, why, what and how'. Within each dimension, we analyse the tasks, problems and criteria for decision making. A Decision Support System (DSS) is proposed for the notification decision within the 6WDs. The framework is applied in the case of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake with in-depth analysis. Copyright

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Keywords Decision making, Decision support system, DSS, Emergency management, Emergency notification, Emergency response
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Journal International Journal of Emergency Management
Xu, Z. (Zhengchuan), Yuan, Y. (Yufei), & Ji, S. (2009). A decision analysis framework for emergency notification: The case of the Sichuan earthquake. International Journal of Emergency Management, 6(2), 227–243. doi:10.1504/IJEM.2009.029248