Though the macro economy of Bangladesh is still in a stage of underdevelopment, the industrial sector - especially textiles, Ready-Made Garments (RMG), leather, and frozen foods - is expected to show great prosperity in the near future. This study investigated 100 export-oriented companies in Bangladesh using a structured questionnaire to learn about their concepts of the meaning of QMP, the extent and manner of the current method of quality practice, and major problems in implementing quality management concepts. We then constructed guidelines to use in exploring QMP in the industrial sector of Bangladesh from the findings of this study. Copyright

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Keywords Bangladesh, Industrial sector, QMP, Quality management practice
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Journal International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking
Shareef, M.A. (Mahmud A.), Kumar, V, & Kumar, U. (2008). Quality practice in the industrial sector of Bangladesh. International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking, 2(4), 364–380. doi:10.1504/IJPMB.2008.021793