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Keywords cytometry, Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method, Gold nanoparticle, Image contrast enhancement, Light scattering, Nanoscale cell imaging, Optical phase contrast microscopy, Refractive index matching
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Tanev, S, Sun, W. (Wenbo), Pond, J. (James), Tuchin, V.V. (Valery V.), & Zharov, V.P. (Vladimir P.). (2011). Optical Imaging of Cells with Gold Nanoparticle Clusters as Light Scattering Contrast Agents: A Finite-Difference Time-Domain Approach to the Modeling of Flow Cytometry Configurations. In Advanced Optical Flow Cytometry: Methods and Disease Diagnoses (pp. 35–62). doi:10.1002/9783527634286.ch3