Modern information visualization in focussed on new methods for visual mappings and novel strategies for interaction and navigation through various types of view of a visual form. The paper presents the Bloom platform for visualization of complex networks with highly related entities and aggregations, both able to possess complex data attributes. It discusses two case studies assessing the scalability of the tool by creating a visualization of the large, complex networks - one of Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation, containing data of approximately 1,900 companies aggregated within a cluster hierarchy, and another of Danish companies' cluster. There are presented various visualization layouts of the company network and a representation of some company data properties over Google maps.

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12th International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies, CompSysTech'11
Sprott School of Business

Horsfall, F. (Frank), Tanev, S, Bontchev, B. (Boyan), Gigilev, T. (Todor), & Gruev, A. (Angel). (2011). Visualization of complex data relationships and maps: Using the BLOOM platform to provide business insights. In ACM International Conference Proceeding Series (pp. 266–272). doi:10.1145/2023607.2023653