A new software system allows users with disablities, and their potential amployer, to make informed choices about job oppurtinities and the impact those decisions may have on current and future benefits. Benefit program policies are administered by by multiple agencies, each of whom has personal available to help beneficiaries make employment related decisions. ESI has partnered with a number of states to deliver customized state content within WorkWorld in addition to the fedrally implemented information that is already part of the system. ESI plans to incorporate customized information into WorkWorld program for each state, which will result in a comprehensive system reflecting both federal and state-level disability-related policies.

Communications of the ACM
Sprott School of Business

Hine, M.J, Hill, M. (Mark), Ruth, D. (David), Carlson, B. (Bob), Banks, D. (Dave), & Troxell, J. (Jim). (2004). Empowering persons with disabilities with decision-support technology. Communications of the ACM (Vol. 47, pp. 85–89). doi:10.1145/1015864.1015868