This paper reports the results of a partial test and extension of the job characteristic model of motivation using data from supervisors and managers of an automobile assembly plant. The model has also been extended to include an expectancy theory type of outcome in addition to the ones outlined in the original formulation. The individual moderating effects of growth need strength and need for achievement are also investigated. The results provide partial support for the hypothesized relationships. Job characteristics relations with outcome measures were low but statistically significant. The correlations with expectancy type outcomes were encouraging given their exploratory nature in the model. The moderator effects of growth need strength, to the extent tested, showed rather weak relationships while need for achievement had no such effects. The validity and superiority of the double multiplicative model has also been tested but found unsupported.
Organizational Behavior and Human Performance
Sprott School of Business

Evans, M.G. (M. G.), Kiggundu, M, & House, R.J. (R. J.). (1979). A partial test and extension of the job characteristics model of motivation. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 24(3), 354–381. doi:10.1016/0030-5073(79)90035-7