Based on the work of Parent (2008) on mega sports events, this paper explores the relationships among events stakeholders in Olympic Games host/bid city marketing. It outlines research questions, identifies a theoretical framework to better understand Olympic city marketing, presents four essays related to issues within this framework, and provides conclusions and suggestions for future research.

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Keywords Event management, Host city, Olympic bid marketing, Olympic games, Sports marketing, Stakeholder theory
Journal International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
Xing, X. (Xiaoyan), Church, A.G. (Anthony G.), O'Reilly, N. (Norm), Pegoraro, A. (Ann), Nadeau, J. (John), Schweinbenz, A. (Amanda), … Séguin, B. (Benoit). (2008). Olympic Games host and bid city marketing: Exploring issue management in the relationships among event stakeholder groups. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 9(4), 321–335.