In this paper, the authors identify and explore the optimal scope of a generic city-level e-Government program. In order to corroborate theoretical research, a comprehensive feature comparison of different e-Government elements/services, of select city web sites from various countries in the world is conducted. The research finds that despite the manifest common features, the inherent scope of service provision by the websites studied is unique. This finding gives rise to the understanding that customizing e-Government initiatives is ideally conducive to the local needs of the constituents. Copyright

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International Journal of Electronic Government Research
Sprott School of Business

Mann, H. (Hanuv), Grant, G, & Mann, I.J.S. (Inder Jit Singh). (2011). City e-Government: Scope and its realization. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 7(1), 38–50. doi:10.4018/jegr.2011010103