Successful technology transfer begins with the identification of appropriate candidate technologies for transfer. Technology transfer managers have few reliable tools to guide the process of determining when and which technologies are likely to be successful in the commercialization process. This paper describes a multi-stage process which incorporated ideas from the literature, materials in use, pretesting of a model, and the collective wisdom of practitioners to devise a technology transfer readiness tool, dubbed the "Cloverleaf Model" Tool for Technology Transfer Assessment, because of its identification of the four requirements for success. The tool has been customized for different environments. It can be used over time to compare technologies and adapted to the unique situation of users.
Journal of Technology Transfer
Sprott School of Business

Heslop, L.A, McGregor, E. (Eileen), & Griffith, M. (May). (2001). Development of a technology readiness assessment measure: The Cloverleaf model of technology transfer. Journal of Technology Transfer, 26(4), 369–384. doi:10.1023/A:1011139021356