This paper presents a new interactive procedure for learning and interpreting the choices available to a decision maker confronted with a discrete decision problem. The procedure guides a decision maker through the evaluation process, has an ability ‘to learn’ from previous choices and generates a set of rules that describe a decision maker's posterior preferences. The validity of the procedure was tested by creating an investment portfolio. The emphasis of the application is on assisting the portfolio manager to determine the decision consistency of a given portfolio selection process. Copyright

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Keywords Discrete choices, Interactive method, Investment decisions, Machine learning, Posterior preferences
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Journal Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Jog, V, & Michalowski, W. (Wojtek). (1994). An interactive procedure for learning about preferences: Case study of a portfolio manager. Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, 3(1), 27–40. doi:10.1002/mcda.4020030105