Astronaut's training includes self-forming a mental model of the upcoming flight. In fact, this model consists of images of the actual and forthcoming situation of the upcoming space flight, formed on the basis of information surplus and multiple models, more or less adequate to the situation. In this regard, the article proposes an experimental methodology to develop a conceptual model and study of basic human mental models as a control system in case of perception, accumulation and processing information and knowledge, making decisions and performing control activities in extreme conditions. A discussion is held about the possibilities of applying the technology of virtual reality \VR\ application in modeling and testing the man as a control system.

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5th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies, RAST 2011
Sprott School of Business

Getsov, P. (P.), Popov, V. (V.), Hubenova, Z. (Z.), Sotirov, G. (G.), Metodiev, K. (K.), Tanev, S, … Doshev, S. (S.). (2011). Use of technology virtual reality for the study of human - Operator in extreme conditions. In RAST 2011 - Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies (pp. 820–824). doi:10.1109/RAST.2011.5966957