Corporate reputation research has given limited attention to reputational transfers under conditions of co-branding and no attention to the context of mega-events-host country co-branding. This research positions itself as a novel exploration of the reputational image transfers of mega-events and the places where they are held. Two Olympic events (Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010) and their host countries are examined using data collected on reputational images two months before and two months after each event was held within a research framework of associative image network transfers among co-branding partners. Analysis of variance and regression model results indicate that the Beijing Olympics were not successful in reputation and image enhancement of either the Olympics brand or of China. However, the Canadian mega-event outcomes were positive for both partners. Implications for corporations, including the mega-event organizers and those involved in sponsoring such events, and host locations are discussed.

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Corporate Reputation Review
Sprott School of Business

Heslop, L.A, Nadeau, J. (John), O'Reilly, N. (Norm), & Armenakyan, A. (Anahit). (2013). Mega-event and country co-branding: Image shifts, transfers and reputational impacts. Corporate Reputation Review, 16(1), 7–33. doi:10.1057/crr.2012.23