Regional integration is increasingly occurring in all corners of the world, and both domestic and multinational firms are facing the challenges and opportunities that accompany integration. In this article, we undertake a review of regional integration management literature and provide a foundation, reference point, and insights for scholars, managers, and policymakers interested in understanding how regional integration affects firm-level strategies and outcomes in Africa and globally. Only a limited number of the studies we reviewed focus on, or even mention regional integration, and fewer still include Africa. After a brief discussion of stages of regional integration and public-private drivers, we report on firm-level findings and outline directions for future research under the topics of subsidiary management, strategies, performance, leadership, and contextual factors. We conclude by posing questions to guide future research, policy and managerial practice for local and multinational firms operating in regionally integrating environments.

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Africa Journal of Management
Sprott School of Business

Kiggundu, M, & DeGhetto, K. (Kaitlyn). (2015). Regional Integration: Review of the Management Literature and Implications for Theory, Policy, and Practice. Africa Journal of Management, 1(4), 303–332. doi:10.1080/23322373.2015.1106717