This paper draws on theories of the SME internationalization process to compare profiles of international new ventures (INVs) and domestic new ventures (DNVs). The work documents the incidence of INVs through a large survey of small- and mediumsized enterprises. INVs operate across all sectors. Exporting is as common among new firms as among established firms regardless of sector. No gender differences in ownership between the international and domestic cohorts were observed. Compared to domestic firms, INV owners are more experienced, growth-oriented, and are disproportionately more likely to be owned by recent-immigrants.

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Management International Review
Sprott School of Business

Spence, M. (Martine), Orser, B. (Barbara), & Riding, A.L. (2011). A comparative study of international and domestic new ventures. Management International Review, 51(1), 3–21. doi:10.1007/s11575-010-0065-9